A Pilot's approach to understand the Jeppesen Charts- Airway manual glossary and approach procedure

Everything you need to know about Jeppesen Charts, understand chart glossary, decode enroute and approach charts.

The Objective of the Jeppesen Chart Training is to provide basic understanding and knowledge for pilots to use Jeppesen charts. As a student Pilot, understanding of Jeppesen Charts are very important for flight training, ATPL viva or Airline Interview. Any interviewer will be interested to check your Jeppesen Chart understanding, decoding information and application in flying. If you are an airline pilot, this is one of your NO GO item and you need to use Jeppesen Terminal and Enroute Charts in every phase of your flight. Due to busy flying hours, it is quite difficult to revise the glossary regularly. This course comes handy for knowledge refresher.


What is Jeppesen ? Jeppesen (also called Jeppesen Sanderson) can be a American company offering navigational info , operations preparation applications, airport intending products and software. Jeppesen's aeronautical navigation charts are often referred to as"Jepp graphs" or only"Jepps" by pilots, either due to this charts' acceptance. This popularity expands to electronic graphs, that might be increasingly favored over newspaper graphs by pilots and mariners as cellular calculating apparatus, digital flight baggage, integrated electronic bridge methods and different display devices become increasingly prevalent and easily offered.

History of Jeppesen :

The company was established in 1934, by Elrey Borge Jeppesen, a pilot employed by Varney airlines , who was the first to ever produce aeronautical charts for pilots to browse in flight. The data he accumulated and the graphs that he attracted were at first only for personal use, however fellow pilots immediately saw the benefits of working with these charts and Jeppesen started selling copies of his own graph novel for about $10. Other pilots began to get data on their paths and handing this to Jeppesen for him to add in his navigation novel. Jeppesen's wife, former airport Nadine Jeppesen, was also essential to the provider's early years.
United Airlines the airline for which Jeppesen functioned from the late 1930s later Varney Airlines had merged with several different organizations to form United Airlines, was one of the first airlines to start using Jeppesen's charts. After a time the graph business started consuming so much of Jeppesen's time he quit his job as a Captain and focused his energy on making charts.


Jeppesen Chart Graphical Representation : It is always handy to decode information from graphical representation. It takes good amount of study and practice for Pilots to decode information from the charts and use this for flying purpose. In this course , we will explain you Pilots user manual, chart glossary and approach plates.

Jeppesen Chart Glossary
Understanding different airspaces
Area Charts
Enroute Low Altitude Charts
Enroute High Altitude Charts
Approach Charts
Departure and Arrival Chart
Chart Briefing
Nav aids and symbols
ATPL and Airline interview questions

This online course prepares you to take the written, oral and practical exams in airline, refresh your concept and augment your confidence. Our students are flying around the world and there continues to be appreciated as qualified flyers.

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Jeppesen Chart briefing demo

Jeppessen Chart briefing demo

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Disclaimer : This course is only for user study purpose & it has no flying application. Always refer to original Jeppesen Chars and manuals for practical use. We have no connection with Jeppesen company. All charts used here are for good belief and resolution reduced. We do not claim any authenticity of this course.

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