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Forge a path toward your future aviation career with the "CPL Fresher / AB-INITIO Trainee First Officer Quick Preparation Study Materials" PDF. This resource is meticulously designed for NON TYPE RATED CPL/ATPL holders and offers a broad range of question banks that comprehensively cover the CPL syllabus. It is specifically tailored to equip you for airline entrance exams in countries with burgeoning aviation markets like India and Indonesia.

What You Will Get:

The course material provides in-depth coverage of critical subjects including Aerodynamics, Navigation, Performance, Meteorology, Aircraft Performance, and Aircraft Systems and other CPL subjects . Each section contains questions updated to reflect the current standards and challenges of ATR 72-600 fleet airline entrance exams, offering you a robust practice environment.

Key Features:

  1. Extensive Question Banks: Targeted and thorough coverage of all essential CPL subjects through structured question banks that enhance your knowledge and readiness for exams.
  2. Real-World Relevance: Content is directly aligned with the operational requirements of widely utilized regional aircraft, increasing your employability in the competitive aviation sector.
  3. Digital Accessibility: Enables flexible learning with the ability to study from anywhere at any time, adapting to your personal schedule and needs.
  4. Exam Preparation: Sharpen your exam strategies with practice questions designed to mirror the types and difficulties of questions you will face in real entrance exams.
  5. Efficient Learning Process: Streamlines your study efforts, making your preparation more effective, time-efficient, and directed.

Why Choose This Course?

Opting for this course means you are preparing yourself with a specialized educational tool that enhances your expertise for the role of a Trainee First Officer on the ATR 72-600 fleet. The focus on key regional aircraft operations prepares you for opportunities with airlines that utilize these types of aircraft, significantly boosting your employment prospects.

Target Audience:

This course is ideally suited for recent CPL/ATPL certificate applying for airline exams on ATR fleet as a fresher. It serves as a detailed and focused study guide to prepare for airline entrance exams.

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Elevate your potential and set yourself on a trajectory to success with our "CPL Fresher / AB-INITIO Trainee First Officer Quick Preparation Study Materials." Secure your copy today to advance your understanding of aviation essentials and move closer to achieving your professional goals of your first airline job.


Enrollment in this course does not guarantee selection by any airline. The primary goal of these study materials is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and focus of your preparation efforts.

List Of Airlines Operating ATR 72-600

The ATR 72-600 is a popular aircraft model operated by several airlines around the world, particularly favored for regional routes due to its efficiency and appropriate size. Here’s a list of some airlines that operate ATR 72-600 aircrafts:

  1. Air New Zealand - Utilizes the ATR 72-600 for domestic routes.
  2. Garuda Indonesia - Operates this aircraft through its subsidiary, Garuda Indonesia Explore, focusing on regional routes within Indonesia.
  3. Wings Air - A subsidiary of Lion Air, Wings Air operates a fleet of ATR 72-600s primarily on Indonesian domestic routes.
  4. Azul Brazilian Airlines - One of the largest operators of the ATR 72-600 in South America, serving regional destinations across Brazil.
  5. IndiGo - Uses the ATR 72-600 for its regional connectivity under the UDAN scheme in India.
  6. Firefly - A subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, Firefly operates ATR 72-600s on short-haul routes.
  7. Cebu Pacific - Through its subsidiary Cebgo, it operates ATR 72-600s in the Philippines.
  8. Bangkok Airways - Operates a number of ATR 72-600s, serving domestic and regional routes in Thailand.
  9. TAROM - The national carrier of Romania uses ATR 72-600s for domestic and certain international flights.
  10. Stobart Air - Operated ATR 72-600s on behalf of Aer Lingus Regional until its dissolution.
  11. Binter Canarias - Spanish airline that operates inter-island services in the Canary Islands with ATR 72-600 aircraft.
  12. Alliance Air - A regional airline of India, operating ATR 72-600s primarily on regional routes as part of the government's regional connectivity scheme.

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